The cost of Clear Aligners in Dubai, UAE

Why U Grin Invisible Teeth Aligners?

You do not have to give a second thought while buying U Grin Clear aligners in Dubai because they are fully certified. Also, board-certified orthodontists recommend using U Grin Teeth Aligners during the procedure of teeth straightening.

Multiple sets of custom-designed invisible aligners are used for straightening the teeth. These aligners are manufactured using 3D printing technology and are very comfortable to wear.

Another reason why you should go for U Grin teeth aligners is that they are safe to wear. They are made using non-BPA and latex-free plastic. It makes U Grin aligners with the best clear aligners in Dubai.

Invisible aligners are the quickest way to get a perfect smile.

U Grin Invisible Teeth Aligners are an excellent solution for straightening your teeth in a little time. It takes about six months to straighten your teeth using invisible aligners. The best thing about using U Grin invisible aligners is that they are very affordable and budget-friendly. U Grin invisible aligners are known to be the best in Dubai because of their affordability. The fastest way to get straight teeth in Dubai is by using invisible teeth aligners.

Treatment process with U Grin Clear Aligners

U Grin Clear aligners are the best product to straighten teeth in the USA. You can start with your U Grin treatment by following these four easy steps and learn more about our invisible braces treatment process.

  1. Answer questions online

The very first step of the treatment is effortless. You have to answer a few questions about yourself. It hardly takes a minute. After that, you have to upload three photos of your smile. The professional and experienced orthodontists examine your pictures and decide whether you qualify or not. An email is sent to you, stating the result of the analysis. Qualifying people will click on our shared link, and they can get an appointment at our partner clinic nearest to them. Take online assessment here.

  1. The consultation process

The next step is to visit the dentist and get a consultation. After that, you have to let your teeth go through 3D intra-oral scanning process. The dentist will examine your oral cavity physically. He will then see the X-ray of your oral cavity to verify if you are eligible or not. The scanning process helps in making the most precise and perfect aligners for you. U Grin is known to provide the best invisible aligners in Dubai, using the latest technologies, modern tools, and finest-quality material.

  1. Preparing the invisible aligners

Next comes the preparation of your invisible aligners. Using the latest 3D software techniques, our expert orthodontists design the best teeth straightening plan for you. The program also shows the final position of your teeth once after the completion of the treatment. Then we show the resultant 3D image to you and seek your approval before proceeding with the actual procedure. It takes about a week to get your invisible aligners ready.

  1. Its time to smile again

The actual teeth straightening procedure takes about six months to get completed. Meanwhile, your aligners are continually being checked by our orthodontists to make sure everything is in place. We recommend you to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day and take them out at night.

The high-quality U Grin Invisible Aligners provide best results at the most affordable rates

The cost of one U Grin invisible aligner is 6,900 AED only. It is the combined cost, including the charges of dentist consultation and 3D scanning (400 AED) and fees for the invisible aligners (6500 AED). U Grin invisible teeth aligners are the best and the most affordable option to get straight teeth in Dubai.

Why are invisible aligners better than metal braces?

Invisible aligners cost less than metal braces

The cost of invisible braces and aligners is less than that of the metal braces (70% approximately). U Grin invisible aligners provide the best teeth straightening results at a little cost. Also, you don’t have to visit your dentist, again and again, you can stay in touch with each other online. 

U Grin invisible aligners vs. metal braces

The main point of comparison is that metal braces cost more than invisible aligners. So if you want to choose the best and the most affordable way to straighten your teeth in Dubai online then, U Grin invisible aligners are the best choice for you and will cost you only 6900 AED.

Invisible aligners are comfortable to wear than metal braces

Anyone can wear an invisible aligner comfortably, no matter his age group or gender. Also, invisible aligners are perfect for college going students and even adults. Metal braces attract other’s attention, whereas invisible aligners are unnoticed.

Invisible aligners are less time taking than the metal braces

The worst thing about wearing metal braces is that they may take two years to straighten the teeth. Whereas U Grin can do this in 6 months only. Moreover, you get your invisible aligners within a week after you take the online test. Also, you get multiple aligners at the start of the treatment to change your aligner when required. Also, that certified orthodontists regularly monitor your progress throughout the treatment duration.