What is U Grin ?

U Grin is an online platform that brings dentists, orthodontists, and dental technicians to customers wishing to improve their smile using clear aligners. It combines both teledentistry and direct-to-consumers methods.

What is Teledentitry ?

Teledentistry is the dental branch of telemedicine (telehealth or doctor-directed treatment) where diagnosis, treatment planning and follow up can be performed remotely through telecommunication tools. In the context of clear aligner treatment, it consists of gathering initial assessment details through questionnaires and smile pictures. Digital 3D models can then be sent online for the creation of treatment plans and designing of aligners. The plan will also be shared online with customers for their approval. Case follow up and customers’ inquiries can be done by phone or via chat. The American Association of Teledentistry supports remote clear aligner treatments.

What is Direct-to-Consumers Sale?

Direct-to-consumers (DTC) is defined as a form of e-commerce that involves a direct transaction between a manufacturer and a buyer, typically enabled through mobile and digital channels.

Is U Grin Another Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Aligner Service?

Some ready-made products are sold online and claim to straighten teeth by simply wearing them at night. Other companies are selling online custom made aligners by sending a “starter kit” containing rubber impression materials and asking customers to take their dental impressions by themselves. This method lacks precision and would compromise the quality of treatment.

U Grin, through its teledentistry and DTC approaches, seeks to offer a practical and affordable treatment while maintaining a high standard of care and customer service.

For that, we follow these strict guidelines:

  1. Customers need to guarantee they are maintaining good dental conditions (we may ask for dental x-rays in some cases) before proceeding with clear aligner treatment
  2. A Case assessment, which is done by a specialist, will determine the difficulty of the case and the feasibility of the treatment. We can only offer to solve mild to moderate irregularities.
  3. A precise and comfortable dental impression is done using an intraoral 3D scanner at one of our partner clinics

  4. A treatment plan including the number of aligners, duration of treatment, and a visualization of the end result will be shared with customers. We don’t proceed without their approval.
  5. During their treatment, customers can always reach us through the Grin Concierge service. They are also recommended to periodically upload pictures of treatment progress for an evaluation by one of our specialists.

We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction through our return policy and our U Grin Warranty.